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Today three or four animal verbs depending on how you look at it.

1. Ibex - bendapʰak. The verb that comes from this is bendaot which refers to climbing rocks.
2. Cormorant -
tsretpʰak. The verb that comes from this is tsretot which refers to fishing.
3. Otter - trakapʰak gives the verb for swimming trakaot.

And the fourth which may not be an animal verb depending on your perspective?

4. Human - adekrapʰak. Interestingly even a mage is adekrapʰak rather than being shifted into the spirit class when refering to their species. This is because adekraago means god or goddess. The actual word for mage is adekrateago. The verb that comes from this is adekraot - which refers to speaking.

For aq challenge to produce one word a day I seem to be doing more than that. :-)


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