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Follows on from this and this.

I need to do a worldbuillding or ficlet post to break these up. ;-D

Before I start I want t give a shout out for another weblit crowdfunding project. MCA Hogarth has a Kickstarter Campaign in progress for Spots the Space Marine.

I've been reading this post about perks on the IndieGoGo blog and it got me thinking about my perks again. The two insight posts it links to are also very useful.

So here's the list I have so far:

$1 - My eternal gratitude, regular updates on the project and a personal thank you email.
$5 - As above plus a code to get the ebook half price when it is released.
$10 - As above plus a copy of the ebook (your choice of format) a week before release. Your name in the manuscript credits.
$25 - As above plus a copy of the raw manuscript by email as soon as all edits are finalised.
$35 - As above plus a handwritten thank you card with a piece of character art on the front (this one depends on the price of commissioning such a piece)
$50 - As above plus a signed copy of the paperback posted two weeks before the official book launch date.
$100 - As above plus the right to name a minor character in the book. (Author's choice; character may not reflect namesake personally if you choose a name I'm already using for a major character I'll tell you and ask you to pick another).

Do you think that's enough? Do I need any perks above $100.

Date: 2012-02-13 11:12 pm (UTC)
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I think that is enough! And you shouldn't need any above $100, unless you think yourself likely to have donations that large.


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